Happiness Is a Warm Heart

It’s Saturday evening here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Well, I think it’s technically still afternoon in Hawaii, but…well…yeah. Anyway, I had plans. Got myself an invite to a Halloween costume party. I didn’t have to stress long about finding a costume, though, as the party was cancelled about 6 hours after it was scheduled. Then last night my bestie and his girlfriend invited me out to East Jesus to a dinner thing with her friends tonight. Alas, this was also cancelled this afternoon. I also had the option of going to a local theatre production starring a couple theatre friends of mine, but I’m in no mood to sit alone in a crowded theatre, crying over the singing, dying, French people.

So here I sit, writing a virtually pointless blog about my loneliness. But, actually, I’m not lonely. I had a lovely texting conversation with a friend about writing projects. I spent an hour or so talking to my little brother about all kinds of things: work, his kids, life in general, that time we got robbed while on vacation as kids…good times. I spent a lot of time alone with me, just letting my mind hop from writing project to writing project to randomness back to writing projects. ‘Twas a good day.

And now I have an excellent evening planned: inebriation, snackage, watching Alan Shore – I mean James Spader – as a criminal mastermind (while figuring out how I would cast him in one of my projects, because he so TOTALLY would come to the Midwest to star in a low-to-no-budget film written by a nobody), taking a lavender bath, and generally enjoying spending time with myself.

I really need a home full of cats.



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